Ghost House

Silence echoedthrough the hall;where laughteronce lived. Creaky pipes,accompany thatdusty mildew smell.Faint voicesto be heard;cold chillsclimb my spine. A mirror dressedwith cob webs,adorn the entryway. Foot steps heard runningup the worn staircase.My hand pulled,I turnWhat the.. Ghost House.

First draft

Articulating words has never beenso challenging. Brilliant articles fill my feedmy work now inferior. Collation of wordssingled out one by one.Diminishing at my fingertipsthis poem is getting worse. Expressing poorly composedand formidable imagery. Gambling my chances ofbecoming a number one hit. Kindled by uncertaintylosing my grip with reality. Raged with fury,each paper shredded. Dare I... Continue Reading →

Through The Window

I feel dazed ascontact with realityis partially lost.Loss of vacations,In office work,birthday celebrations,graduations –even your touch.Life is lived in the details,with no mercy in sight --This is our great loss. Anxiety ridden thoughtsI’m afraid of:being sick,dying alone,the end never comes,no sense of normalcy. During the bombings,in the bunker I socializedwe all sharedthe same fate. Uncertainty... Continue Reading →

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