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Snow Day

Do you hear that?

The sound of snow falling,
landing gently.

Laughter that echos
through the trees.

Birds chirping as they
scour for food.

I hold my mug tight,
as I listen to peace.

Its snowing, a weather phenomenon that is still rather breath taking when it arrives. Yes, it dampers life a bit but brings such beauty. Enjoy a little piece of my Snow Day down below.

Writing Natural.jpg


There it was
floating down — gently.
Painting my life
The cold wind sent
chills up my arm
and down my spine
leaving me to shiver.
There the world
stood in silence,
with a soft blanket
covering it.
The first snow
of the winter season
was shortly lived
and soon to be
Today’s featured image is from Memphis Tennessee. This city made me feel right at home especially when I started my undergrad degree four years ago.