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Room for Failure

Box by box,
I pack up expectations.

Move over
new followers,
improved writing,
increased exposure.

I need room.
Room for failure.

Einstein failed school,
yet changed physics.

Emily Dickenson was ignored,
yet she wrote 1,800 poems.

Beethoven stopped practicing,
yet composed beloved symphonies.

Move over expectations,
failure is needing space.

Pale Blue Dot

Tiny blue dot,
that’s where we live.

Here I feel so mighty,
yet my voice is unheard.
I dare to inspire yet,
does that matter?

Pale blue dot,
that’s where we live.

Compare my time here,
to the universe, you’ll see
I’ve only existed for one second.
That’s the relativity of time.

Tiny blue dot,
that’s where we live.
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