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Summer Falls

Red, Orange, Yellow
paint the scene.

Short sleeves
start to fall.

Cool breeze
settle in.

Shorter days,
longer nights.

Summer falls,
Autumn Rises.

Hey guys, this past week I’ve done a lot of research on what else I could blog about besides poetry. Please vote below to which you would be most interested in.

Summer Days

little feet gallop along
smiles signify fun
he jumps into the
water below searching
for his golden rings
children hide as
she shouts marco

those poolside parents
laugh as children slip
out of the water only
to shiver in the
summer sun.

I decided to not use any punctuation marks or capital letters because I felt that this piece should be relaxed. If you are interested in working with me sort of featuring your work with a prompt or questions I give you, please feel free to contact me.

I have been working on a special little project to make my blog feel a bit more complete. I completed it today and I should be releasing it sometime tomorrow.