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I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be
listening to your voice,
than drying my tears.

I’d rather be…
hearing your life stories from you,
than others sharing for you.

I’d rather be…
holding your hand
than carrying your casket.

You’d rather be…
flying planes in the valley
than watching us weep.

I'd Rather Be Flying

Just Blink

Breathe life into each moment.

Live without any regrets.

Inspire those around,

Nourish those ideas,

Knowing that life is precious.

This Micro poem was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Blink


Amoungst the shadows of summer,
young lovers whisper atop of
the old oak tree.

As the leaves sing with gleeful
colors of yellow and red,
they depart in their wake.

Who once were young lovers yearning —
for that moment of faded love
and sweet harmony echos within
the old oak tree roots.


Dark as the night sky,
her mind was full
of hard times.

A mask adorned those times,
expressing cheerful days
with a slight southern chime.

Eager to help you all the time,
never demanding for a return
only a ‘thank you’ will satisfy.

The world sees an opaque mask,
while she faces a larger battle.

Featured Image was altered.


She brushed the dust off
their portrait from 1987.
Side by side they stood
smiling on their wedding day.
They brought three children
into the world wrapped in care.
She refused to accept that
their love had died years ago.
Along the way she lost herself,
living to only see her children grow.
Now its her time to be herself once more,
finally accepting the dreadful truth.

My Labels

This post was inspired by the Daily Post Prompt Label. I wanted to pin labels on myself to understand what it feels like to be categorized. While pinning these labels I imagined me walking with these attached to me, visible to everyone. After doing this I realized that I am way more than my labels. What my labels fail to explain is my character. Sure this gives you an idea of the issues I face or how I might be but this doesn’t explain who I really am.

I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I did creating it. If you had to label yourself what labels would you use?

Life’s Road

If the road signs
told me about my life,
there would be
no surprises.

Take the road less
traveled they said,
my dusty dirt road
was never traveled —
until now.

The road taken isn’t about
your destination rather,
the journey to get
where you are.

Each road is different,
some tougher, darker
than others, yet
each have their lessons.


For a few weeks now there as been this scene in my mind that I cannot seem to shake. I’m more of a poet as you all are aware; however, I have dipped my quill on fiction writing and story building. It’s been over a year since I’ve written a scene but I’d like to share the brief scene.

“How do you see him in your mind?”

I hesitate, smile before answering.

The front door shut behind him as he sipped his hot coffee when the brisk air slipped under his shirt sending goose bumps to his spine. He placed a cigarette between his lips as he stared into the neighbor’s yard lighting the stick. He took a long drag and released it with a smile as if he was a dragon. He slips back into his world leaving a cold blank stare. His dark eyes were weary from battling the shadows within that no one seemed to understand. Each day he yearned to be home and in bed where he felt most comfortable. A butterfly landed on his shoe shifting his focus. His scruffy beard outlined his wide smile. He once read that if a butterfly lands on you it is good luck. Life seemed to be bearable for the moment as he sipped his coffee.

8,402 days later

She was made in ’94
giving the world
a run for its money.

With each challenge
she gained fuel,
to shine brighter.

For 22 years she’s
learned about the world
below her feet.

She strives to leave
her legacy each day,
giving her wordsto the world.

She now turns 23,
gaining her master’s degree,
writing sweet poems,
and finding her center.

Happy Birthday to me!