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I Quit…

Endless scrolling,
peaking into
other’s lives.

Half satisfied with,
catching up with

Half worrying life
is passing by.

Abundance of time

This media is everything
but social.

Highlighting the good side,
best side of people.
While suppressing
the negatives.

I am bound
No more.

Time now spent
In face to face

Real conversations,
More literature,
More writing.

I quit
Social media.


There they met for the first time.

She knew he was about to change her world.

Alone they talked, smiled, laughed –

Without a care.

There he picked her up –

For once she wasn’t scared.

She gave him her 143 that day,

He wept happiness –

Something he lost a long time ago.

They met at a park and have loved ever since.


Time withered away
our hurtful memories.
Leaving behind your
joyous smile.

Here I sit without you
as I await the night.

Like sand in the wind,
my dreams vanish.
Leaving me empty

The day will return
when you’re beside me
once more in paradise.


There it is,
that majestic

A glimpse of time,
forever captured
between a frame.

There it is,
left untouched
that handwritten speech.

A glimpse of time,
still relevant today
inspiring millions.

A photograph
worthy of 1,000 words.

A speech
worth 50 years of

Featured Image.

With Martin Luther King Jr. assassination vastly approach the 50th year since his words lead the Civil Rights movement. His speeches are still quite relevant today and it has been 50 years. Martin Luther King Jr. may have died young however, his dream lives on.


Lost In Time

There we danced together
like flower petals falling
off their stem.

Gracefully entangled,
in each others arms.

There we danced together
beneath the moon light
as stars fell from the night sky.

Floating above the sea,
twisting round n round.

There we danced together
lost in time.


There she lived upon the clouds,
where she fished for the evening stars.

As folks hitched and multiplied,
she kept her head in space.

Time was ticking against her,
upon the clouds she sobbed.

The man on the moon held her up,
when the world brought her down.

There she lives within the clouds,
reaching for her time to shine.