There they met for the first time. She knew he was about to change her world. Alone they talked, smiled, laughed – Without a care. There he picked her up – For once she wasn’t scared. She gave him her 143 that day, He wept happiness – Something he lost a long time ago. They … Continue reading 143.


Time withered away our hurtful memories. Leaving behind your joyous smile. Here I sit without you as I await the night. Like sand in the wind, my dreams vanish. Leaving me empty handed. The day will return when you’re beside me once more in paradise.


There it is, that majestic photograph. A glimpse of time, forever captured between a frame. There it is, left untouched that handwritten speech. A glimpse of time, still relevant today inspiring millions. A photograph worthy of 1,000 words. A speech worth 50 years of enrichment. Featured Image. With Martin Luther King Jr. assassination vastly approach … Continue reading Empower

Lost In Time

There we danced together like flower petals falling off their stem. Gracefully entangled, in each others arms. There we danced together beneath the moon light as stars fell from the night sky. Floating above the sea, twisting round n round. There we danced together lost in time.


There she lived upon the clouds, where she fished for the evening stars. As folks hitched and multiplied, she kept her head in space. Time was ticking against her, upon the clouds she sobbed. The man on the moon held her up, when the world brought her down. There she lives within the clouds, reaching … Continue reading Dreams

Life’s Guarantee

Life is full of love, it is in your laugh, her smile, his success, those tears, and death. Life ends with death, in your spirit, mind, body, but makes time priceless. Life exists in time, an hour is a long time, yet we waste it as if we have an endless supply. Love, Death, and … Continue reading Life’s Guarantee

Savoring Time

Minute by minute, the clock keeps ticking slowly it seems. Hour by hour, the clock keeps spinning, faster and faster. Day by day, the weather changes from warm to cold. Week by week, They gracefully pass into memories. Month by month, this clock never stops, aging faster and faster. Year by year, you grow quicker, … Continue reading Savoring Time

Time the resource

This week I learned something important about time. We all have the same 24 hours within a day. No one gets a minute or even second more (if you’re on Earth). Our lifetimes may not be the same amount of time but each day is 24 hours long. Time is a precious resource, more than … Continue reading Time the resource