I Quit…

Endless scrolling,peaking intoother's lives.Half satisfied with,catching up withfriends.Half worrying lifeis passing by.Abundance of timeWasted.This media is everythingbut social.Highlighting the good side,best side of people.While suppressingthe negatives.I am boundNo more.Time now spentIn face to faceInteractions.Real conversations,More literature,More writing.I quitSocial media.


There it is, that majestic photograph. A glimpse of time, forever captured between a frame. There it is, left untouched that handwritten speech. A glimpse of time, still relevant today inspiring millions. A photograph worthy of 1,000 words. A speech worth 50 years of enrichment. Featured Image. With Martin Luther King Jr. assassination vastly approach... Continue Reading →

Savoring Time

Minute by minute, the clock keeps ticking slowly it seems. Hour by hour, the clock keeps spinning, faster and faster. Day by day, the weather changes from warm to cold. Week by week, They gracefully pass into memories. Month by month, this clock never stops, aging faster and faster. Year by year, you grow quicker,... Continue Reading →

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