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Let me cut straight to the heartfelt stuff — Life is short. Yes some days seem to drag on much longer than needed while others seem to go by in an instant. However, when added up and looked back upon life is short.

There never seems to be enough time to say the things we should have said or done, yet there was. We let time slip by with mind numbing tasks that probably didn’t deserve the extra devotion.

Its when moment’s of impact that shake our roots, make us reevaluate our priorities. Typically happens when we lose something big or death is lurking in the shadows. Life is short.

Let this serve as a reminder to you that we need to show appreciation and value to the things that mean most to us. Recently, I purchased pizza for a couple of my colleagues who are working around the clock to ensure that my department is getting the most up to date information. They are one of the few people still in office since March!

The time is now to show appreciation to those around you. It can be a simple thank you text message, note card, etc. Just show the people you care about some loves.

So this ones for you. Thank you to my readers, for taking time out of your day to like, comment and/or share my blog. It does mean the world to me that people actually read what I write.

So this ones for you. Thank you to my readers, for taking time out of your day to like, comment and/or share my blog. It does mean the world to me that people actually read what I write.


Zoomed Out

Zoom meets have ruiled the work force (for those of us who can work from home) for about 12 weeks (give or take) and counting. I’m not sure about you but I am over Zoom! (sorry, not sorry).

They are mundane and can be a tedious task especially when no one participates in the meeting. The number of my meetings has luckily subsided to about twice a week, down from 7-10.

Pro’s of Zoom MeetingCon’s of Zoom Meeting
– Social Interaction– Personal connection is lost
– Work from my own home in comfy clothes (code phrase for pj’s)– No strict work/home life balance
– Open’s new doors and strategies for the work force– Technical difficulties
-Time flies with hour long sessions (on average)– Disrupt my daily work flow

One might think that I am rather content if not happy that my zoom meetings have reduced dramatically but I actually miss them. I miss the social interaction part. For the past three weeks my colleagues and I set up a weekly trivia night. It’s so fun, makes me laugh and makes me feel somewhat normal again.

Although I may be Zoomed Out! I don’t think I’m quite ready to shift back into a normal work routine in the office. I’ve got another month at least to enjoy being at home, wearing my pj’s, not having to commute and most of all with my cat.

Stay Safe.



Pre-lock down, I often longed for more free time to do the things I was so quick to put off giving the excuse ‘I just don’t have enough time or energy.‘ Since I’ve been strongly urged to stay home, I find myself wanting to write more, read more, photograph more, run more. All the things that I wanted to do more of, I am now able to do them.

If you’ve followed my posts, I’ve started to write more and not just poetry (sorry to all my poetry fans). I’ve been attempting to determine a writing schedule to ensure once this lock-down is over and life finds its new normal, I’ll be able to continue to write. Writing with no muse is quite the challenge but I shall not give up!

Now is the time to pick up a hobby.

Before I really focused in on writing/poetry, I picked up photography at relatively young age 11 (thanks MySpace!). I’m just a novice by no means do I think I am a photographer. Although, my family thinks otherwise — they often comment how I should make a side business out of it but I’m not sure I could charge people to take their photos. Its something I enjoy doing and I’d do it if anyone asked me to.

Recently, I’ve looked back at some old photographs some are really good and some well What was I thinking!? Pictures are magical though. They capture a single moment in time forever giving us the opportunity to “visit the past”. I believe music is the same but that’s for another post.

Whatever your hobby was before the lock down pick it back up now. If you don’t have a hobby start one. Go write, photograph, cook, exercise outside, make candles, etc. Whatever it is just go full force and see where it takes you.


Advice: If you tend to fall off the wagon create a plan to hold you accountable such as documenting it on a blog like wordpress or social media.

Just write

No matter the topic, if you have a burning desire to write then just write. Often times I get too caught up in trying to write a poem that I forget why I started this to begin with, which was a place for me to write. I don’t give a kahoots if anyone reads what I wrote, I just enjoy the art of writing.

Bountiful of words hand picked to express my thoughts across a a screen and be read on the couch, at work, in an artisanal coffee shop or wherever my readers choose to read. None the less, you still should just write.

I’m currently revising one of my old “short story” character pieces that I hope to share soon. Thank goodness for technology and having saved the document in a couple different locations otherwise I wouldn’t know how much I’ve grown not only as a writer but as a person.

Often times we (writers) typically write based on our current perspective of the world. Each poem I’ve written lately to me seems a bit dismal but it reflects a time in my life where I was rotting tree in a forest. I’m no longer there but I think it is necessary to have a reminder so you know that it does get better.

Just write your heart out. Don’t worry about the grammatical errors or red/blue squiggly lines under your words; you can fix those later. Set a timer and just see where it takes you. If you don’t like it you can trash the whole piece and start again OR you can put it away and revisit it a week later to see if there are any diamonds in the ruff to be salvaged and showcased in another piece.

’til next time.

-Writing Natural