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Day 01 – House Arrest 2020

In this new series, I want to just write about anything that comes to mind during my 14 day house arrest, I mean stay-at-home policy. After all, the time is now to write because all I have on my hands is thyme… Just warning you, I enjoy puns. Anyways….

I along with many others are getting acquainted with our “new normal” life. Our pets, children and partners are our new co-workers. My coworker thoroughly enjoys naps in the sun light, laying on my keyboard (while in use might I add) and informs me when he is “starving.”

I must say that I’ve never lived in a time quite like this. Sure, there was the H1N1 scare, Ebola, the annual Flu virus, even 9/11 but COVID-19 takes the cake. Empty shelves is trending while consumers frantically buy all the toilet paper and cleaning products they can get their hands on. I wonder if they know something that I don’t.

Hand washing is on the rise, which I think is a positive thing that has evolved since the outbreak began. I’ve become more aware about the surfaces I touch and changed how frequently I wash my hands.  

For now, I’ll be zooming through meetings while trying to not go insane in an 936 sq. ft. apartment. I’m sure my cat will grow tiresome of my company and find ways to hide from me.

What are some things you are doing during this pandemic? Has your life changed entirely?


An Important Lesson

In recent days, I’ve spent majority of my time between my two jobs, school, homework, and YouTube. YouTube has helped me realize that I created Writing Natural to leave some imprint of myself, outside of the typical social media platforms. I wanted people to hear my voice. In doing so I stopped writing to focus more on poetry, because that is what my audience wants. I watched this vlogger on YouTube and he said, “just continue to produce otherwise it was never made” he was referring to photography specifically but I think that this can apply to all aspects of hobbies. If I just write at least three times a week, it doesn’t matter what I produce because there will always be someone listening (or reading). I’ve continued to get support even when I’m not producing any work, which makes me feel awful that I haven’t provided any content in a while.

Thanks for always willing to read my stuff. In the upcoming days that I do post, they will more than likely be about various things outside of poetry. I’d like to get myself back on track with posting at least three times a week. I do love WordPress and the community I have. It’s time to get to work and finish strong, I only have 12 weeks left!

The photo below is one I took while waiting 5 hours for my car to get fixed (not the best day). Let me know what you think!


Many Thanks,

Writing Natural.


Tips on Branching Out

Doing something out of the ordinary or routine can be a pretty scary feeling especially if you are placing yourself in a vulnerable position. This can be nerve racking. When I started this blog a year ago, my only goal was to produce as much poetry or writing I possibly could. In doing so I gained a following. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat I am, how do I continue to grow my following?

  1. Listen to your audience and stats. By doing this you are able to fine tune what content you produce gives you more views and followers.
  2. Make one change at a time. This is key in order to see if something is successful you must make one change at a time. Also, keep that one change in place for a month or two to see the effect it truly has on your audience.
  3. Redesign your website. If you are still fresh, why not redesign your entire interface. Visit your website and ask yourself what is it that you want your readers to pay attention to?
  4. Utilize social media. If you haven’t made any social media account specifically for your blog you are missing a huge opportunity. If something is good and easily available to share on social media, trust me it will spread.
  5. Contact other bloggers like yours. By reaching out to successful people within your genre of blogging you will be able to learn some new tips and tricks.

Here are some other changes that you may want to consider:

  • Making list posts
  • Starting a vlog on YouTube
  • Start a Podcast series
  • Give some advice
  • Encourage interaction with your readers
  • Always, always reply to messages and comments you receive (even if it is late)

I hope this has been somewhat insightful. Please let me know in the comments which tip was most helpful or what you are going to try next.

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Happy Anniversary Writing Natural!

Today marks one year since I started to write a blog for myself. Once I started, I wasn’t sure what I was doing nor was I sure that I would make it an entire year, yet here we are. First off, Thank you to all of my followers, and devoted readers because without you all continuously encouraging me to keep producing new material I would have stopped months ago.

What‘s Next?

I quite can’t say what my next step is because at this moment all I have are ideas sitting at a drawing board with no action behind them. Yes, I will still be creating new material daily. The current ideas on the drawing board are:

  • Renovating my Guest Blogger Series
  • Create more “food for thought” material
  • Incorporate new Social Media (Twitter or Facebook)
  • Produce a Poetry Book (featuring some of my favorite and some follower favorites)
  • Revamp my logo

If you could leave a comment below as to which idea you would like to see most I would definitely appreciate that. Or if you have suggestions leave them below as well! After all, I want my followers to enjoy my writing as much as I do.

Stay tuned this week as I continue to celebrate my Anniversary here on WordPress with some poetry.

Many Thanks,
Writing Natural Name & Slogan


My Cyber Life

I’ve been contemplating these last few days of what I should post about. Lately, I’ve had to study for my exams which I aced them! That is a wrap for this semester. Anyways, I wanted to share light with where I started as far as my cyber life goes.

As a kid I started countless tumblrs and bloggers that I truly cannot keep count. While I was working towards my Bachelor’s degree a few of my courses required me to make websites and do a blog (which I can’t find).

Time to Make a Difference
This website is about bullying and how to prevent bullying from happening. Building this website hit home for me because I struggled physically as a kid and was bullied a lot. It took a toll on my self-esteem however, I’ve over come those names they once called me.

IDT 3600 Portfolio

This website was designed to house all my technology integrated lessons I ever made. This class was a blast for me because I was not only designing these lesson plans for students I was able to student teach. The teacher and students enjoyed my 3rd grade lessons that the teacher had asked for my presentations, which reminded me that I am in the correct field.

Anyways since then I sort of stopped my cyber life until almost a year ago, when I started Writing Natural, which is my crowned jewel thanks to each and everyone of you. I hope tomorrow I’ll be back to my poetry.

May the 4th be with you. Happy 40th Anniversary Star Wars.

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No Man’s Land

No Man's Land.png

A good friend of mine who is a graphic design artist, we decided to collaborate on this piece, I’d write and he would design the piece. This was to commemorate Earth.  Let me know what you think.

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What does it mean to be human?

I want you to answer this question in the comments below. Go ahead, I’ll wait…. I began thinking about what it means to be human in my night class. I made a list of different things I thought being human means which is below

  • Emotions
  • Memories
  • Timeline
  • Communication
  • Consciousness
  • Life
  • Perfection

Perfection is crossed out because many believe that humans should strive to be perfect. If you strive for perfection, I’m sorry if the following statement offends you; Perfection doesn’t exist. Nothing can be perfect. Yes, there are moments in life where everything seems just right or at peace, however, nothing is perfect. While all these are things we experience I felt like I was just listing item after item because we all experience these things. I cannot speak for another species, but when I’m stressed, upset, or scared my cat seems to come to the rescue. That’s beside the point. I was sitting in my boss’ office for our weekly meeting starring at the tree outside as most of its leaves have fallen.

Being human means living. As we live we gain experience both good and bad that lead us further down our timeline. Some experiences were by choice others were not. We must make do with what we have, but always strive for a better version of you; there is always room for improvement.

So, what do you think being human means? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let’s start a conversation.

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Golden Years

This morning as I  ran the song Kids by One Republic played and made me think about age. I thought about when I was child, if I ever wanted to grow old. I didn’t have a desire to ever learn how to drive a car. I didn’t want to own my own place and leave my brothers and mother. I did however, want to go to college. I did want to become a lawyer (I still do). In the song it says “… I swear we’ll never change…. I refuse to look back thinking days were better just because they’re younger days….” I do remember saying that I’d never change. Now, look at me. I learned the constantly morphing into a better human is essential.

I watched a video over the summer it’s called Timeless: 50 People 1 Question by the Jubillee Project. The video demonstrates that most kids want to be older because they receive more freedom’s and the age is glorified through media and family. While, adults wanted to be younger because they had no responsibilities and being a child wasn’t bad. Personally, I wouldn’t want to change my age because being a child had its great moments but there were also some rough patches too. Such as me being a complete tomboy versus being educated on how appearance effects the way the world perceives you. These moments we have now are the golden years.

Advice from the Julibee Project:

  • Embrace everything you can about your life as it is right now.
  • You aren’t really missing out on anything.
  • Don’t rush through life because at some point they could become a blur. We don’t want to go through life with regrets so exist in every moment.
  • Being and elder is considered the autumn years of your life. Always remember how beautiful autumn is.

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Writing Natural Name & Slogan
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The Land Called Elsewhere

Beneath the surface of words
trees speak wisdom.

Inside the meaning of existence
flowers blossom.

Over the land of tears
the ocean breathes.

On the horizon of time
giant tortoises rest.

After the rain of memories
elephants rejoice.

Amongst the cloudless sky
winds whisper.

Found in the dream of harmony,
the land called Elsewhere.

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