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3o Tips to Adulting

  1. Life is NOT easy.
  2. You will fail.
    That’s okay — we‘ve all been there
  3. When in doubt bring a jacket.
  4. Doing something is better than doing nothing.
  5. Self-care is most important.
    Make it a priority
  6. Be PRESENT in the present moment.
  7. No one has all the answers.
    Nobody knows that they are doing
  8. It isn’t always about the destination.
  9. You grow into growing up.
  10. Sometimes life just happens.
  11. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of.
  12. Learn to forgive.
  13. Your past made you
    But it doesn’t have to define who you are now.
  14. Smile everyday.
  15. Listening can be just as powerful as your words.
  16. Don’t go to bed angry.
  17. We are all alone.
  18. The days are long but the years are short.
  19. Plant your feet when you’re anxious.
  20. Get a hobby.
  21. Take pictures.
  22. It’s okay to be sad.
  23. Life isn’t fair.
  24. Be apart of something bigger.
  25. There is no trophy for finishing first.
  26. Not choosing is a choice.
  27. Take time for yourself.
  28. You can only change yourself.
    Stop trying to change others,
  29. It’s okay to not be in control.
  30. Budget not only your money but your time too.

Comment below with what you would add to the list. I’d love to add more.


Love is Love

In recent days I’ve started to ponder about love and how love has changed over the years. Love is still just four letters but the form of love has changed. Let’s go back to those teenage years when dating was all the rage. Often it seemed that each classmate paired up except for me.

Then I did — but was it love? Did I even know what love was back then? I had a long term relationship and thought that was love. Actually, I’m sure it was love. It was what I thought/needed love to be. My security blanket, comfort zone, companion. Then life crashed down and I skipped town.

Maybe I didn’t know what love really was. After all, my parent’s were divorced and my mom and step dad fought constantly. Was that love? Constant disagreement? Surely not but I didn’t know.

 Love comes in an array of colors, emotions, thoughts and so much more. The love I have for chocolate cake is different than the love I have for my nieces and nephews. Love can be simple, complicated, confusing and down right scary. Putting ourselves out there to be embraced or shot down can be hell.

Now that I’ve aged like fine wine or cheese whichever you prefer, do I know what love is? Yes — love is like giving away your most valuable treasure, maybe a childhood token, and hoping that it’s well taken care of. If not, take it back, fix it up and try again. Love is something that will make us and break us but we have to choose to continue on no matter how scary it may be. Love is worth it. Life is worth it. You are worth it.


Phase II — Gym

Phase II of reopening has hit my city and further extended the delayed reopening of Phase III. I’m not certain how to feel about reopening as this is new territory for everyone.

This is a really bad dream isn’t it? — Sorry uncertainty is here to stay.

When I first took a trip to the grocery store I’d sit in my car looking around to see if other people were wearing a mask before putting on my and going inside.

I feel ostracized for my face mask even though others wear one too.

I’m aware that others are wearing a face mask but there’s something in the bottom of my gut that says I’m the black sheep of the world. Dramatic I know but I cannot hide the fact that this virus is unsettling.

The new Gym layout.

My gym has been opened for quite some time now and the new layout isn’t so different than the old one. Temperature checks at the door, every other cardio machine blocked off for social distancing. Locker rooms and water fountains closed. Some wear masks and others don’t.

Phase II is here for now — an increase in cases could send my city backwards so I guess I’ll need to enjoy the new luxuries that I have.



In life we come across various challenges, some self imposed while others occur without permission. Often times you hear people say that life is unfair and they are 100% right.

Let’s take a classroom full of 25 people, they picked their own seat. You handed them each one piece of paper. You then set a wastebasket front and center of the room and you tell them, whomever can get a piece of paper in the basket gets a $100 gift card.

What do you think is going to happen?

People in the front row won’t have to try very hard as they are just a few feet away from the wastebasket. However, the people in the back of the room have to try harder then the rest because they are sitting behind rows of other people.

This is privilge.

For those people towards the front of the classroom they may not understand or recognize that there is a difference between them and everyone else, all they see is the wastebasket. While the people towards the back of the room are the ones voicing their opinions loudest about the unfairness of the situation.

Educate, Advocate and Unite.

There is no golden rule or perfect equation to navigate through the privileges each person has. I do believe that people need to wake up (get out of denial) and look around you. It should anger you about the injustice that is displayed daily.

Its the time to educate others, advocate for those who don’t have a voice and most importantly unite with each other to make a better and brighter future for all.


I did not develop the privilege lesson on my own however, it is truly a powerful lesson we all should sit back and dwell on. In light of the tragic events now more than ever we need solidarity to ensure that Black Lives Matter.

Closed Doors

I’m sure you’e heard the saying, when one door closes, another opens or something similar. It often refers to failing or losing one thing and a new opportunity appears shortly after.

But what about doors you’ve closed?

Once I graduated from my master’s program, life really fell apart and together at the same time. I started a career and focused only on that, closing my master’s degree door behind me.

I locked it and threw away the key.

Why you ask? It’s not like I hated the program, in fact I met some of the best people in the program and gained so much experience from it that I cherish. It was such a dark time for me towards the end, I dropped the ball on everything except what made me money. Yes including family.

I’m not a quitter but this time I quit.

I was so engrossed during my study time that when I left, I quit with all my heart and now I feel guilty about it. I want to make mends with the program director and everyone involved in the program. I also feel guilty of the wasted hours spent on me.

Can closed doors be reopened?

The good thing about doors they typically can be reopened again unless they are cinder blocked off then you may just have to bust it down but never the less you can reopen a closed door.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to reopen that door. Then again we shouldn’t stare too long at the closed door otherwise we miss out on the opportunities starting at us.

Til Next Time.


Invisible Enemy

These days, I find myself staring at covid-19. I’m constantly reminded of the invisible enemy from radio/television commercials, texts from family members, endless zoom meetings, working from home, face masks or no face masks, six feet stickers or tape everywhere I look. I’m sure you’re facing the same. We are all faced with this and each determining their new routines.

Let’s take a step back and look at Polio.

That’s right Polio – it’s a highly infectious viral disease that largely affects children under the age of 5. It can be transmitted person-to-person mainly through faecal-oral route or less common vehicles like contaminated water, according to the World Health Organization. There is no cure for Polio but it can be prevented with the Polio vaccine given multiple times can protect a child. One reason why vaccines are so important.

What does Polio have to do with Covid-19?

As mentioned, there is no cure for Polio as it is a viral disease. Coronavirus is a virus, as of now has no cure for. Polio has been around since the Egyptian time period with a major break through, (by major I mean a 99% reduction in cases), was made in 1988. Back then, Parents had their children keep distance from others. They went through much of what we are going through now. I’m sure they too had similar fears like we do today, yet they prevailed.

Now What?

We must be strategic about how we interact with one another. Start thinking, is a hug harmless? Is the risk of exposure worth it? Wearing a face mask, keeping 6ft apart and most of all washing hands are just the tip of the iceberg for precautionary measures. Is it a 100% guarantee we won’t contract the virus? No, its recommendations to slow the spread. Whatever this virus is, it’s not going away any time soon. That means we need to do our part in protecting ourselves, now is the time to be selfish for our own health.

‘Til Next Time.


P.S. – I’ve started a new book that is supposed to help me be a better writer. So, I hope you’re enjoying them so far. The book is called Write Blog Posts Readers Love by Henri Junttila

Human Touch

Experiencing the new normal is almost comical but also kinda depressing. My boss personally delivered a sweet surprise to me for my hard work. She handed it to me and stepped back – we’d normally hug during this type of exchange. We kind of just laughed about the “air hug.” The exchange was a tad bit awkward because neither one of us really knew each other’s comfortable level.

Let’s be real, nothing and I mean nothing can replace human touch. It’s something we all crave. Think about it, babies longed to be held they often cry. When you hold them sometimes it calms them, because human touch is security or its supposed to be. My nibbling’s often want to be held or cuddled with when they go to bed or have a night terror.

Physical touch with another human cannot be replicated.

I’ve gone to the office a handful of times but have kept my distance from the skeleton crew. Today was a tad differently as I had to help IT locate equipment to fix some technical issues. I get into the office and immediately take off my mask while IT puts their mask on. Now I feel awkward…

I don’t care for wearing my mask but I wear one to protect myself from passing it on to my nibblings. I’ve noticed that as my city continues to reopen that less and less people are wearing masks. I get that wearing a mask is uncomfortable and kinda awkward but is it better to be proactive than not? I mean everyone who bought all the toilet paper says proactive is better.

Til Next Time


2013 Story

2013, 3rd semester of college I was sitting in a classroom waiting British Literature to start. My professor was a world renown linguist who just so happened to be retiring from teaching that year. Our first assignment was to write our own creation story, we were confined to just 1 page (double spaced).

In some cultures, religious beliefs, science even has books on creation stories. So how was I supposed to develop a story in just two pages. Well, I did and here is a revised version of the story. Don’t worry I didn’t change much.

Eons ago in the fourth dimension, there was a planet called Terg. Treg was advanced planet that was ravaged by war, famine, and suffering between the Arris species. Four of the great Arris fled the planet in search of a new beginning.  Erykay, a brilliant techno-path and inventor, Hud, the  botanist and zoologist, Dweezil,  noble ruler and creator of the Itl empire and then there’s Soise, the oldest and  most foresighted of the Arris species.

The four fled the planet when Erykay suggested that the four travel into a black hole at the edge of their galaxy, which would project them into another dimension. Later known as third dimension. The four anonymously agreed and set off into the black hole.

When they got out of the black hole, the third dimension was completely black and void. Soise and Dweezil spoke among themselves and started to construct galaxies, planets, moons and stars similar to Terg. Soise wanted their planet to be in a marvelous galaxy filled with many planets but just one habitable planet. The new habitable planet would be called Earth as Dweezil created the galaxy and named it the Milky Way.

Hud began supplying Earth with his vast amount of plants, animals and endless ocean. Soise made a new species similar to Arris called humans. They could become as advanced as the Arris if they found their counterpart as Soise split them in two — male and female.

Soise warned the humans about war, famine, greed and suffering and the fate if they let these things happen. While Erykay gave them the technology tools they needed to flourish. After Earth,the Milky Way and the entire 3rd dimension was created Hud, Soise, Dweezil and Erykay retreated back into the black hole never to be seen again.

This one’s for you.


Do You…

Alright fellow community do you ever start writing a post and stop half way and delete it? Or worse have save drafts of half finished work? Be honest now. No… Just me okay.

Well currently sitting in my draft section on here I have 10 saved drafts. Why not just publish them? Excellent question fellow reader! I haven’t published them because they are half ideas!!

Today’s the day I share one of my half ideas and “finish” it. Maybe this will push me to finally finish all my drafts and just let my sloppy drafts be your muse or laughter for the day.

This piece was titled Tardy and has bee sitting in my draft folder since January 2020.

*Alarm Buzzes*
*Alarm Buzzes*

Eyes shoot open,
to face the awful truth,
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late….

Random shirt,
day old pants
socks and shoes
don’t slow me now.

Gum to freshen
last night’s
Chinese breathe.

Keys, wallet, phone
I’m forgetting something,
No time!

-Door Slams-

What pieces do you have sitting in the draft stage? Why not publish them?