Here’s to me! Cheers

Welcome to my about me page. My name is Angela. I started Writing Natural as a way to continue with my writing upon graduating college. Several classmates and professors enjoyed my writing and suggested I keep going. I felt that if I started a blog I would be motivated and obligated to write more often. I’d like you to gain some knowledge while reading my posts, sounds absurd I know. I’d also like you to enjoy yourself as you read.

Here’s my story in sort of a nut shell. I’ve only moved three times in my 22 years of life. Within those times I’ve experienced hardships and continued to push onward to achieve my goals. I have many ambitions that I know I won’t be able to achieve them all but I am going to try to do so. This is my first blog, well besides trying the blogger site as a teenager which didn’t work out at all.

My ideas for this blog are in no particular order. I’ll be bringing forth poems I’ve written and or found most interesting, thought provoking questions, my life, and much more fun and excitement. If this about me was worth the read please subscribe to get the latest reads.

Where experiences are stitched together